"Passionate and motivated, my drive is to bring fierce determination to my clients, proving that whoever you are, at whatever stage of life, you can own your fitness, your well being and ultimately your happiness.”


I've spent half my life across NZ and the UK and as far back as I can remember I never enjoyed participating in sports. You would have usually found me supporting friends on the sidelines or trying to fake a sick note so I could get out of my sports class.

Fast forward a good 10 years, and when I went back to London that I discovered my love for exercise. I had to be careful how I tackled working out. A combination of things resulted in my new found love for exercise in the gym becoming an obsession.

There were moments when I focused purely on when my next workout would be, how many calories I could burn off in one session and I also became infatuated with food. These unhealthy relationships began to take over and I remember many times where I couldn't relax going out for dinner, and times where I would binge eat and feel so much regret the day after.

One big moment for me was when I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world celebrating a friend's wedding and I was so upset with the way I looked, I couldn’t leave the hotel room to head down to the beach and join the celebrations with my friends. All I seemed to focus on were the negative thoughts I was attaching to my body. I realised it all had to stop.

The shift

Determined to shift my mindset, I began investing in my mental well being. I switched up my routines, decreased the amount of time I spent at the gym, explored yoga and practiced mindfulness. These changes forced me to slow down & tune into my body. I moved when it felt good to move & I started to feel more connected to my body. These small changes brought awareness to how I was moving, and I began to focus on strengthening my mind and body - from the inside out.

Nothing happened overnight, but it was empowering to begin to feel connected to myself and in control of my mind, fitness, well being and happiness. 

Where to from here?

As my mindset shifted I soon saw exercise purely as an opportunity to connect with myself.

I know what it feels like to be stuck. I know what it feels like to focus on the wrong results & I know how it feels to not feel confident in your own skin. Those thoughts, fears and challenges you may of faced, or are currently facing -  I have experienced too.

I now work with women at all stages of their life, who have different stories. Together we will achieve your fitness goals, build up your confidence and take small powerful steps to becoming a stronger you.

Micha x